About the Studio

Guay Tattoo Studios is a private tattoo space located in the heart of Chinatown, on the Stolen Land of “vancouver”. It is an intersectional, feminist space where your tattoo is paramount. Specializing in long term relationships and projects we are so excited to help you transform into your ideal, beautiful self.

About the Artist

Guay Kennedy (Pronouced guh-way) is a tattoo artist working in Chinatown on the stolen land of “Vancouver”. Her lifelong dedication to creating art, plus her immense passion for creating tattoos shows in her perfect hand-drawn scripts, bold colourful illustrations, and attention to detail in every corner. Her vivid style and expert composition were nurtured by an arts education, and a passion for painting, collage, and all things art have given her the opportunity to be in a number of private collections across Canada. When Guay is not working you might find her riding one of her many bikes, spending time with her family, or doing everything she can to create a deracialized, decolonized feminist utopia.

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