Consultations are free to book, and times are available throughout the week. The best way to get exactly what you want is to work out the idea together in person! If you would like to reserve a time please visit our booking page


I do not tattoo anyone under the age of 18. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Guay Tattoos can be found in the heart of Chinatown, on the stolen land known as “Vancouver”. Located on the second floor of a two-story walk-up, we are an inclusive space that is welcoming of all people and body types. We are able to accommodate those with mobility or accessibility needs at a neighbouring studio by request.


Guay Tattoos is located on the second floor of 115 Pender Street East, Vancouver, Canada


One support person is welcome and encouraged in the studio! Currently we are unable to accommodate more than one support person due to the size of the studio. Please leave all children and pets at home.

Ink Tests

Complimentary colour tests can be performed before a large colour piece to ensure there isn’t an allergy to the ink as well as confirm how certain colours will appear healed on skin
Small dots of ink will be applied to a discreet area in a short tattoo appointment-typically two to three weeks before your first session to achieve optimal results. Please inquire here about a colour test if you are concerned about healing or have family history of ink sensitivity or allergy.

Touch ups

We provide one complimentary touch (with the exception of, but not limited to, inner/outer lip, finger/hand, toes/feet, and necks) within the first year of getting the tattoo. Not every tattoo will require a touch up, however it is a normal part of the process. Please see our caring for your tattoo page for a more in depth look at touch ups.

Cover ups

Every cover up is different, and needs to be approached with an open mind. Each cover up is taken on a case by case basis, and some cover ups might even require laser correction before the area can be re-worked. Typically you can expect your cover up to be a minimum of two to three times the size of the exsisting tattoos, and subject matter with heavy shadows and dark areas often cover old tattoos best.


While North American media has portrayed visible tattoos as generally acceptable workplaces are still free to discriminate based off of visible tattoos. For many countries around the world the tolerance is even lower, please understand these types of tattoos can still impact your life.
Tattoos in these sensitive areas will often fade or experience ink fall out during the healing process due to the skin type, exposure and movement. These types of tattoos often require multiple touch us, and will be your fastest tattoos to fade.
I DO NOT provide complimentary touch ups for these areas.


Tattoos including text, characters, or symbols are the sole responsibility of the client. Please proof read and check all spelling, grammar, and definitions of your tattoo before providing the artist with the information. If you are getting a language that is foreign to you please ensure you have understood all uses of the word or phrase, and that the script or characters are correct. We have no translation services available and whatever is provided to the artist will be copied exactly.


Our aim is for everybody to feel beautiful in their bodies! Working closely with the artist we are able to help guide the client to their ideal selves by making sure any scars are either covered by, or incorporated into, the tattoo. Please allow at least two years from the original injury so that the skin has enough time to regenerate. Often scar tissue can be more painful to tattoo over, and depending on the thickness of the injury will sometimes reject ink.


Please make sure you have had a full nights sleep, are well hydrated, and have eaten a full meal before your appointment. Shower the night before and moisturize the area of your body that is going to be tattoo’d. Avoid any drugs or alcohol for 3-4 days before your appointment (with the exception of prescribed medication). Have all your devices fully charged and specific content downloaded. Know where you’re going, and where you’re parking if driving, to ensure you’re on time. For a more in depth look at how you can be prepared for your tattoo visit our caring for your tattoo page


It is more important to be comfotable than to be fashionable- especially when you might get ink on your clothes! Looser clothing is better than tight, will be more comfortable for the duration of your appointment, and will feel more much better over top of a fresh tattoo. Please be aware for certain areas of the body nudity can be required, and we have an inclusive, private space to ensure your comfort.


Yes, tattoos can be painful! However often what we hear is that is wasn’t as bad as the client had built up in their minds.Everybody feels pain differently, can getting a tattoo can be anywhere from a two to eight out of ten. The pain level can increase dramatically when working on different areas of the body, and often people will choose thighs and forearms as a location for their first tattoo. The healing process can often be painful as well, and following the aftercare instructions provided is importatnt to ensure the best experience and healing outcome


You cannot be tattooed when you are:
-Drunk/high or hungover
-Dehydrated or hungry
-Pregnant or Breastfeeding
-Pre or Post Surgeries
-Recently sunburned
-Unclean/haven’t showered
-Currently supervising kids or pets
-Unable to pay the full amount
-Unable to follow aftercare instructions
-Feeling unconfortable in any way

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